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2014 Cycle 37- grants awarded

  • AMJaMB, Beyond Inclusion - Amount requested $20,000

    State Plan Goals - Self Advocacy and Employment

    Project Summary AMJaMB proposes to expand the work of The Call Connection in the following ways: 1) Build upon its customer base through advertising in the community at-large which will increase consumer employees from 6 employees to 10 within the first year. According to the 2010 Census of a population of 26,218 living in the Town of Paradise, 7,131 (27.2cro) people are 65 years of age or older making The Call Connection is an attractive free service to people that are aging and lonely. 2) Develop a mentorship program for high school students with Paradise Unified School District and other school districts within Butte County that will support students with disabilities in preparing for work in the community using The Call Connection model. The mentoring program will be known as JAMMB'n.


 Grant Awarded - Cycle 36

  • AMJaMB, Beyond Inclusion   •  Awarded $9,895   •  Butte County

    AMJaMB, Beyond Inclusion Day Services will employ three consumers in The Call Connection Program to make regularly scheduled phone calls to check on the welfare of up to 100 consumers living in Butte County, individuals with medical issues, aging, or vulnerable for any reason and are home alone for lengths of time. They will have procedures to follow. If additional services or assistance is needed, the consumers that are employed through this program will follow up with the appropriate authorities, emergency medical personnel, and the regional center service coordinator, as needed.

    Major collaborations will be with Far Northern Regional Center and local emergency services. Grant notice.

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Area Board 2 Vision

People feel free to dream and are recognized as valued, contributing members of their community.


Area Board 2 Mission

Area Board 2 advocates for the legal, civil and service rights of people with developmental disabilities and their families to promote genuine; education, employment, relationships and community inclusion.


alt=""Each year our funding source requests feedback from the community regarding the services the Area Board provides. AB2 would appreciate your time in completing a Stakeholder Survey or a Consumer Satisfaction Survey - English, Consumer Satisfaction Survey - Espanol, and returning it to the Area Board 2 office as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the Stakeholder Survey.



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