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Upcoming Area Board 10 Meetings

  • Regional Advisory Committee Meeting, February 23, 2015 - Agenda (PDF)

2014 Grants Cycle 37

  • Get Safe - Amount requested $19,964
    Goal - Emergency Preparedness

    Project Summary
    For the past 15 years, Get Safe has successfully worked with Regional Centers and Area Boards throughout California to create collaborative partnerships between communities and the agencies that provide services for persons with developmental disabilities through its safety education, self-advocacy forums, and diversity-awareness trainings. Based on experience interacting with and listening to the expressed needs of consumers and their families, services providers, and first responders, Get Safe has developed a First Responder Training that effectively protects and assists individuals with a developmental disability within the community. People with developmental disabilities may be misunderstood when interacting with law enforcement, community helpers, or when navigating the legal system. The goal of Get Safe’s First Responder Training Program is to provide proven techniques and tools to help first responders and other professionals more effectively recognize and successfully assist persons with developmental disabilities, especially in emergency situations. Get Safe's view of a "First Responder" is not strictly represented by a professional title, but instead, the first person to respond to an emergency situation.


  • More information to be posted at a later date..


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