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  • Febuary 7-8, 2014- Area Board 1 Meeting Notice and Agenda.


2014 grants Cycle 37

    Grant Awarded - Cycle 36

    • March 25, 27 2014- Emergency Planning Workshop Flyer
    • Enriching Lives - Eureka, CA   •  Awarded $10,000   •  Multiple Counties

      Enriching Lives will organize and provide 12 workshops called “Emergency Planning Supports.” Major activities of this project include three separate all-day workshops that will be held in each of the four counties served by Area Board 1.

      In the summer of 2014, a follow-up exercise will be held in which all individuals will be invited to participate and practice their newly developed emergency plans that may be held in conjunction with the Cascadia contingency drill held by the state. Grant notice.

    View all grants awarded in Cycle 36 (FY 2013-2014)  



    Through an Area Board 1 grant, budding film maker, William French, directed and produced Directing: ABC No Barriers, a documentary which has been an excellent tool for educating the public and business community about the talents of people with developmental disabilities. 

    Link to Documentary: Directing: ABC No Barriers

    Director:  William French

    Associate Producers:  Freda Zody, Jason Rader, Matt Senften

    Documentary Funding provided by: State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) Area Board I, Community Program Development Grant

    About the Director:

    William French has high functioning autism, tourettes, and obsessive compulsive disorder. William had a very difficult time during high school and in his twenties because of his diagnosis. The Associate Producer, Freda Zody, originally met William in Junior High where he was bullied and did not fit in well. He has always been interested in the performing arts, so it made sense for him to go on to the Art Academy in San Francisco. He is a very bright man, but he continues to struggle because of his disabilities and his overall health.


    • One of the individuals featured – DJ Mark Anthony’s business was helped through a prior Area Board mini grant and his business is still going strong.
    • The program credits this video as being instrumental in acquiring resources for clients: it was shared with software developers to encourage the developers to consider the program (in the video) as a resource to test the software. The program was given access to very sophisticated software for people with autism and other verbal communication difficulties.




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